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Stop Smoking Page  

It usually just takes one hypnosis session to stop smoking!

Stopping smoking with the help of hypnosis takes all the discomfort out of stopping smoking.

What can you expect if you come into the office to stop smoking? First, I spend some time explaining what hypnosis is. We go through an intake form, because we want to establish that the smoking habit is just a habit, and not a life crutch. If that smoking habit is a life crutch, then more thorough hypnotherapy is needed first. We investigate the strategies you use to keep yourself smoking, the money, work and effort you had put into remaining a smoker up to that point.

I explain about congruence - typically part of a person wants to stop smoking, and another part wants to keep smoking. The part that wants to keep smoking sabotages all attempts to stop smoking, and uses all the strategies that keep you saddled with that smoking habit. We can use hypnosis to achieve congruence - get all your parts to agree that you are a non smoker, and once that is achieved, you just stop smoking.

Congruence is where your parts work together in synergy to achieve what you want, instead of having different parts of you in conflict. If you have ever worked with a team, you know how much easier it is to get things done when team members are working together. If the team members are fighting and in conflict, less gets done. The old saying is "Two heads are better than one". When there is congurence or synergy, not only is there more achieved than two single heads working independently, but there may be multiples of what two heads working singly can achieve. Two heads working in conflict achieve less than two heads working singly. Your unconscious mind is similar to that, when you have congruence, the amount of will power required is very small, because your unconscious mind carries you along.

After inducing trance, where I give you simple instructions, and when you follow the simple instructions, you put yourself into trance, remaining aware of everything, actually some experts say that in trance your awareness is exponentially increased.

In trance, we go through a "well formed outcomes", making sure that stopping smoking is a win win situation for you and for everyone in your life, that stopping smoking has no potential negative consequences, and that we keep any benefits you got from smoking, while dumpng the smoking habit itself.

At this stage, if there is stil a part of you that has a doubt about stopping, we use a parts integration to achieve congruence.

Typically, we then use a benefits approach, because we previously identified the biggest advantages and benefits to you of stopping smoking. We then sell the benefits of change to your now congruent subconscious mind.

You are given a hypnosis CD so you can follow up at home with a stop smoking CD, so you can integrate the changes more deeply into your subconscious mind.

There are several strategies and techniques that can be used, so we go through the intake form together which will give ideas as to the best way to proceed, but the above steps are the typical ones.

If required, there is a free one hour follow up session where we can use strategies like the compulsion blowout technique, EMDR, EFT, smoking strategy disruption. It is possible that there may be a deeper issue, which smoking is just a symptom of, and occasionally this is not apparent during the intake form.

Everybody is different, and everybody deserves an intervention that is tailored for them!!

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