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Stop Nail Biting using Hypnosis  

Stop Nail Biting using Hypnosis

Hypnotherapy is a very effective treatment for nail biting. Nail biting is usually just a habit, but it is an automatic habit, and because it is a subconscious behaviour, people are usually in a "nail biting trance" when biting their nails. 

A lot of people don't actually bite their nails, but pick at them, and pick at the sides of their nails, and at the cuticles.

Sometimes people bite their nails just to keep them short, sometimes there is a more deep rooted psychological cause, and it's usually an automatic behaviour.

Treatment involves finding out the nail biting strategy, and interrupting it, so behaviour changes  at the times an old nail biting trigger occurs.

Typical deep rooted unconscious motivations could be "self punishment", "identification with someone significant", "an internal conflict", "a significant past traumatic event or events", "an imprint by someone significant", "metaphorical communication from the unconscious", "secondary gain". 

More serious types of nail biting where people don't just bite of their nails, but also bite off bits of flesh around the nail could be a type of self punishment at the unconscious level.

The therapy would be aimed at uncovering the root cause event, the first significant event that caused the subconscious mind to start the nail biting habit. This root cause event is not necessarily the first time there was nail biting, but the first significant event in relation to it. 

Once the first event, and subsequent significant emotional events related to nail biting have been found, we then want a resolution at the subconscious level of this event and subsequent related events. This means that the event(s) can be rationalised consciously and unconsciously, and releasing the emotional charge from the event(s). If there was a positive intention or positive intentions at the unconscious level, the nail biting could be a misguided attempt to achieve the positive intention(s). Obviously, it may be a good idea to persuade the unconscious mind to use a more useful strategy to achieve the positive intention(s)!

After the root cause(s) have been found and rationalised, and the nail biting strategy has been interrupted and replaced by a new strategy, it is important to use the CD / MP3 for follow up at home so the change can be embedded more deeply at an unconscious level.

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