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Comfortable Public Speaking with Hypnosis  

Comfortable Public Speaking with Hypnosis 

There was a survey that asked people which they were more afraid of, Death, or public speaking. Amazingly, more people were afraid of public speaking than death. Does this mean that those people would prefer to die than to communicate their ideas to other people publicly? Of course it doesn't mean that, what it means is that to those people, thinking of death is not scary, but thinking of getting up in front of a crowd of people is scary. 

If even thinking of public speaking generates anxiety and discomfort, it can have a major impact on people's lives and careers. Some people cannot even enjoy their own wedding day because they are so terrified of having to make a speech, they may even self medicate with alcohol to get through it.

What usually happens is that there is a root cause to the fear of public speaking, it is usually due to a significant emotional event from earlier in life, and it was usually due to public humiliation or embarrassment. This was a highly traumatic event for the person at the time. At times of high emotion, the experience gets imprinted into our neurology at a very deep level. This is the case for any trauma. Once the experience has been imprinted, any event which the subconscious deems to be similar to the sensitising event brings up the same emotions, and no amount of will power can prevent it, because it's at a deeper level than will power. The "feel the fear and do it anyway" method can work if the person is able to gradually become calmer and calmer after numerous repetitions of public speaking, but there are frequent reports of people who perform publicly for a living who go through anxiety before each and every performance.

How can hypnotherapy help? Most people are aware consciously of the first significant emotional event that started off the fear of public speaking. Some traumas are so extreme that the subconscious mind represses it, which means it locks away the experience as if it never existed, and the repressed memory is there with an emotional charge which can manifest in many ways. However, the public speaking significant emotional experience is usually conscious. Having the first event means that we can unlink the memory of the event from the emotional charge in that event. This is possible in hypnosis, because in hypnosis you  have much more access to your subconscious mind which is responsible for storing your memories and emotions from the past. Preserving the experience and learning from the first significant emotional event that caused the public speaking anxiety, and releasing the emotion means that we can discharge the emotion from all the subsequent similar events. 

It is also useful to find out the strategy of how the person generates the anxiety, for example people imagine big scary pictures of millions of hostile faces and sounds of boos and cat calls. Of course that generates an unpleasant feeling. If you have a picture of talking to one or two friends in a relaxed setting, the qualities of that picture and the sounds associated with imagining being with a couple of friends tend to be calming and relaxing. This means transferring the qualities of that thought pattern to the thought pattern of imagining public speaking can have a dramatic impact.

The bad news is that you still have to prepare the material for the public speaking event! The good news is that it will be much more comfortable. Everyone has a little bit of tension just before public speaking, but this is good, because you want your mind and body in a state of high readiness and peak performance.

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