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Clearing Hurt & Sadness with Hypnotherapy  

Clearing Hurt & Sadness with Hypnotherapy

Just about everyone has been hurt at various times in their lives, and this has caused them to feel sad. Sadness and hurt are very common emotions, because there are so many things that happen to people during life about which they feel sad. 

The thing about sadness is that time does not always heal the sadness, and even sleep does not always resolve sadness. A lot of people go to sleep feeling sad and hurt about something that happened them during the day, and in the morning the hurt and sadness are often still there.

Some people are sad a lot of the time, even at times where life should be good, and it would be appropriate to feel happy, up comes the sadness to rob them of the happiness they are entitled to enjoy at that moment.

Clearing sadness is part of a group of sessions of therapy, where we clear the negative emotions of anger, fearhurt and sadness and guilt.

There is a metaphor where negative emotions from the past are stored in the body, these are the negative emotions associated with unresolved incidents from the past. Your subconscious mind wants to rationalise these incidents, so the negative emotions can be cleared from past events. Clearing negative emotions is like getting rid of the baggage from the past, so it stops coming up. What I mean by this is that if a person suddenly experiences a welling up of sadness that is inappropriate, the chances are that the incident has reminded the persons subconscious of an incident from the past where there was sadness or hurt, and the sadness is that past sadness resurfacing.

Please be aware that negative emotions are very necessary, they are unpleasant feelings, but it is important to know when your boundaries have been violated in some way. There is no way that any therapy could remove the capability of experiencing natural emotions, but it is possible to clear the baggage from the past so you have a choice in the future about when and where you need to feel sadness, that is if you do.

Deep sadness can be linked to depression, and even though sadness and depression are different, they both can lead to a depression of the immune system. So if a person is sad a lot of the time, their immune system is not at optimal performance, and so can lead to more colds and flu than would have been experienced without the sadness. 

If you were to stop for a moment, and just imagine what your life would be without the baggage of sadness from the past, if it were gone. Imagine if you could experience happiness a lot more instead. How much more energy would you have? What would it be like for the other people in your life if the baggage of unresolved sadness, grief and hurt was gone from your body? How would life be different for you?

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